Thursday, December 23, 2010

Big Hair Wig Review: Venessa Half Wig La Jay

This half wig is loved by so many who want to achieve big curly hair and for good reason!  It's inexpensive and perfect for naturals who want to give their hair a break and for transitioning naturals that are still waiting for a little more growth.

Personally, I have purchased this wig twice and both times we did not get along.  To me, the shape and texture of the actual wig is completely different from the pictures posted on the sites that sell it. The web pics give the impression that the wig is more of a round shape and that the texture is kinky when it's really more silky and you would have to give the piece some serious scissor times to achieve a round shape.  Either way, I LOVE it so much on others and I would definitely recommend it to someone looking for a new big hair wig. is the only online store that has pictures of the actual wig on a mannequin.  So this pic will give you a more accurate impression of the piece.  $25.99

You can also check out  There are a number of beautiful ladies reviewing this wig.  Here's one of my favorites by Fierce40sumthin.  Check out her video below!


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wild or Mild: Janet Jackson

Wild or Mild is a segment I created to critique the different styles of the well known.  I will post pictures of different celebrities and you let me know if you prefer them with Wild hair or Mild hair. Feel free to give your opinion on the segment.

Ms. Jackson if Ya Nasty!

Janet has been the epitome of versatility since the moment she stepped on the scene.  Most recently she has been rocking a fierce short look and it got me to thinking about some of her various styles over the years. My personal faves include her Glaad Media Awards ponytail, her "Pleasure Principle" shag, anything from her FIRE red era, her long curly hair in the "If" video, and her Grammy box braids. 

Anywho...cast your vote and let me know if you like Ms. Jackson Wild or Mild!


Or Mild


Wild or Mild!: Janet Jackson
Wild Mild Neither   

BHL Inspiration


Big Hair Love: Mohawks!

Mohawks are so versatile these days that they can be worn by the extra funky and the extra chic. Achieving the perfect mohawk to match your style can be easily accomplished with the help of the more experienced.  See the videos below for two of my favorite tutorials.

So much fun

Not very big, but very beautiful

Cut, makeup, and color is awesome.

I love this cut so much i considered getting a perm to attain it!

Two tutorials below.  The first is TwinGodesses.  They give an excellent tutorial on how to turn a Sensationnel Instant up-do into a fierce mohawk/frohawk.  Check out the video below and all the others on their youtube channel.

Also, we have Misskrisnew.  She has the best tutorial I have come across for a natural frohawk.  Watch her video and check out her channel here.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Big Hair Wig Review

First up to bat is Motown Tress SK Polo Wig Simple Cap! I purchased this wig from my local hair store after seeing it on the mannequin.  It cost me $29.99 but there are a few websites that offer it for less online. The link above directs you to a site that sells it for $21.99. 

The picture that comes on the packaging does this wig no justice whatsoever!  This is a gorgeous piece that is easy to blend with my natural hair.  I used a little of my homemade spritz on a very small section of hair, combed it thru, separated the section in two and then rolled each portion with a 1/2 inch hard roller.  If you have a talent for straw curls, that would probably work better but I have yet to perfect that technique.  For those with permed or straight hair, you could also use a very thin curling iron. 

I give this wig 4.5/5!  My only slight complaint is that the layering is a little off but not so much that i had to take some scissors to it.  Also, the back comb is pretty small but the front comb is about 4-5 inches. On the plus side it comes in about 14 different color options.  Gotta love variety! 

Picture on the packaging.

I purchased the 27/30/2 Mix


Please excuse my Barney eye shadow, I was doing some experimenting with color. I should probably remove the date stamp from my camera as well.  I'll get better at this, you just wait and see...


Monday, December 20, 2010

Big Hair Jewelry (BHJ)

Mmmmmmm....Yum!  Big Hair is great, but Big Hair accessorized is better!  I look at Big Hair like a canvas to a painter, the bigger the hair the bigger the hair accessories!  I do loads of searching over at which is an online market place for all things unique and handmade (right up my alley!).  I will be featuring plenty of stores for you guys, but i wanted to start with one of my favorites.  Le Petite Boutique De Bandeaux!  They have some of the most gorgeous hair pieces i have come across on Etsy. I'm in love with the colors and versatility of their pieces.  Please check them out...

A bridal piece.  Beautiful!


My Big Hair Love ICON: Ms. Jill Scott


I <3 her in soooooo many ways!  Beautiful smile, curvy girl, can sing her ass off, and she has Big Hair Love!  The woman has my heart. See full pics after the jump...

Wig Wish List

You will learn, and quickly, that I like to change my hair very often.  I get bored with styling easily and I learned (when my godmother did my very first big chop because I had colored my hair too light, too often) that my best solution was to WEAR WIGS! I know, I know it seems obvious but I was a bit slower then. Anyway…at any given time you can catch me with at least 5 pieces in my arsenal.
I usually stick with synthetic half and full wigs. I can’t convince myself to invest in a human wig because I know in just a few weeks I’ll be bored again.  However, Big Hair Love will give me more responsibility to see what is out there to give me the look I am always looking for…Big Hair!  So here’s my Hair Wish List.  Just a few of the wigs I’m dying to own and review for anyone who might be interested. Enjoy.

Freetress Equal Synthetic Lace Front Wig - Nari

Synthetic Afro Kinky Curly Lace Front Wig - Rachel $59.99
  Lace Front Wig - Waterfall $39.99

Full Lace 100% Indian Remy Human Hair Wig 14" Curly $259.00

14" Super Curly Lace Front Wig $175.00

The last 2 make my liver quiver!  I have yet to invest in a lace wig but just looking at the pics makes me wanna dash to the ATM.  They were listed on the site ecrater which i have never used before so I'll have to do my homework and decide how legit it is.  Let you know what I find...


Afro Love

Nothing better than a wild free form afro…
Gorgeous look from the Essence Magazine Hair Section.  Make sure you check them out. They have great style ideas and "Makeover Magic" which allows you to upload your picture and preview yourself with new hairstyles.  You can also upload your own looks to their site and be featured. 

Ms. Ross! An originator of Big Hair Love!

Not only is the hair big and beautiful but the clothes and colors are yummy.


Let's get started...

Big Hair, Don’t Care!  Yes! I have an ongoing deep love affair with big hair. Afros, curls, kinks, or waves, any possible way to achieve it I want to test it and perfect it.  Hair has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember so I decided to give myself an early Christmas gift and create an outlet for my obsession. I’m new to this blogging thing so bear with me, but if you share my excitement for hair to the extreme, then join me as a fall deeper into my Big Hair Love!
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