Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Big Hair Love: Mohawks!

Mohawks are so versatile these days that they can be worn by the extra funky and the extra chic. Achieving the perfect mohawk to match your style can be easily accomplished with the help of the more experienced.  See the videos below for two of my favorite tutorials.

So much fun

Not very big, but very beautiful

Cut, makeup, and color is awesome.

I love this cut so much i considered getting a perm to attain it!

Two tutorials below.  The first is TwinGodesses.  They give an excellent tutorial on how to turn a Sensationnel Instant up-do into a fierce mohawk/frohawk.  Check out the video below and all the others on their youtube channel.

Also, we have Misskrisnew.  She has the best tutorial I have come across for a natural frohawk.  Watch her video and check out her channel here.


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