Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Big Hair Wig Review

First up to bat is Motown Tress SK Polo Wig Simple Cap! I purchased this wig from my local hair store after seeing it on the mannequin.  It cost me $29.99 but there are a few websites that offer it for less online. The link above directs you to a site that sells it for $21.99. 

The picture that comes on the packaging does this wig no justice whatsoever!  This is a gorgeous piece that is easy to blend with my natural hair.  I used a little of my homemade spritz on a very small section of hair, combed it thru, separated the section in two and then rolled each portion with a 1/2 inch hard roller.  If you have a talent for straw curls, that would probably work better but I have yet to perfect that technique.  For those with permed or straight hair, you could also use a very thin curling iron. 

I give this wig 4.5/5!  My only slight complaint is that the layering is a little off but not so much that i had to take some scissors to it.  Also, the back comb is pretty small but the front comb is about 4-5 inches. On the plus side it comes in about 14 different color options.  Gotta love variety! 

Picture on the packaging.

I purchased the 27/30/2 Mix


Please excuse my Barney eye shadow, I was doing some experimenting with color. I should probably remove the date stamp from my camera as well.  I'll get better at this, you just wait and see...



Elizabeth said...

nice wig it looks lovely on you hun

Michelle said...

I love this so much, you look amazing! I just ordered this in the same color because that mix looks hot. I hope it looks as good on me as it does on you!

Moochie said...

Thanks so much ladies! Michelle, I would love to see a pic of you once you get your piece. Its a GOOD wig!

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