Friday, January 28, 2011

Top 10 BHL Inspirations: #1

Drum Roll Please......

"Chaka Khan,
Let me rock you
Let me rock you
Chaka Khan
Let me rock you
That's all I wanna do
Chaka Khan, let me rock you
Let me rock you, Chaka Khan
Let me rock you
'Cause I feel for you
Feel for you"

Oh Yes!  I can't think of anyone more deserving of the #1 spot.  After some discussion, it was suggested that the spot belonged to Diana Ross, but when you look back over Ms. Ross' career she began with a short sleek look while she was with the Supremes and then graduated later to BHL.  However,  Chaka Khan has been rocking Fabulous "is as long as it is wide, can't sit behind her in the theatre, won't purchase a compact car cause her hair just won't fit" hair since the beginning!

No hair but the head piece is just so hot!

So now the question is...who is on your list of BHL Inspirations? Email any pics or names to me here and I will post them as I receive them. 


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